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Gizmo Control Panel

We have a wide variety of packages available to use on your site via our Gizmo Control Panel. It’s so simple to use. Just click and follow the instructions on screen.


With our file handling tools, you can upload and download files to site, check permissions, add additional FTP accounts if you need to. Web builder gives you the tools you need to construct a simple website out of the box. Our other tools in the control panel give you so much more.


With our webmail tools, you can quickly set up and manage email accounts. Squirrelmail and RoundCube can be set up with ease, or you can use the Starjammer Hosting webmail which is easy to use and configure.

You can create mailing lists and autoresponders, set up filters for junk mail and spam and much more.

Login to webmail

Statistics that matter

You want to see who’s been visiting your site? No problem. We have web statistics tools that are both friendly to use and which can be easily integrated into your site. Track traffic and see what’s hot or not with the online tools.

Webaliser, Open Web or AW Stats can easily be set up on your account. Need a hit counter? It can be set up within minutes. With Piwik, you have a downloadable, open source real time web analytics software program that can provide you with detailed reports on traffic, search engine activity and looks for the keywords that they used to find your site, where from, what pages they looked at. And that’s just the start.

Webtools for all

Need a subdomain? Or block a specific IP address from a nuisance customer? It’s all here. Changing your PHP version or setting up a SQL database has never been easier. We also have a number of plug and play modules in PHP and Perl that you can use on your site to make life easier or to give your site that edge over your competitors.

Diagnostics tools that come as standard, allow you to ping other sites and trace faults or problems with ease. With NS and WHOIS lookups, you can see who owns a site, or if you prefer, buy one from us at a very reasonable price.


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